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Rafi Shaik, Robert Roth, and Jyoti Patel are three accomplished professionals from Delaware North. While hailing from different, they share a common thread of excellence and dedication to their craft.


Head Chef, BEST

Rafi Shaik, with his extensive culinary expertise
and a career spanning 16 years, has made a name for himself as a celebrated chef. His culinary journey

has taken him around the world, but he remains rooted in his Western Sydney origins. Drawing
inspiration from his hometown, Rafi has elevated the dining experiences of countless patrons with his creative menus and unwavering commitment to quality

‘I have been living in Western Sydney since I moved to Sydney from Victoria which is in 2017.

The most amazing thing about western Sydney is its mix of cultural diversity. There is so much to explore in this beautiful part of Sydney whether you are an individual, family or a group of friends.

Most favourite things for me to do on the weekend is to take the family and dog to the various beautiful parks, play soccer, cricket, and have picnic.

Also enjoy trying out the many of the different cuisines and traditional cultures of the people from different nations living in this part of the city. 


Food and Beverage Manager, BEST

Robert Roth is a seasoned hospitality manager with over a decade of experience, His career has been marked by his ability to navigate the complexities

of the hospitality industry while consistently meeting and exceeding KPIs. A proud product of Western Sydney, Robert brings a wealth of homegrown knowledge and passion to his role, ensuring the delivery of  authentic hospitality services.

“I have lived in Western Sydney my whole life (except for 2 years working overseas) and have stayed in the area to be close to family.

I enjoy spending the weekend with my family. My wife and I have 2 kids (10 and 16) We have recently bought 2 puppies (Hope and Pepper) and spend lots of time training, taking them for walks and spending time with them. My son (10 years old) spends the weekend playing soccer for a local team. One of our favourite activities is a river walk around the Nepean River, it’s a good way for my kids to burn off some energy.

With a lot of new dining options opening both in Penrith and Parramatta I do generally like to try these restaurants and feel it is important for my kids to
experience new cultural and food. On other nights nothing beats a movie night and takeaway at home. “


Front Office and Housekeeping Manager, The Lodge at BEST

Jyoti Patel is a dedicated and results-driven professional. Her organizational and time management skills, honed in the dynamic environments of

hospitality venues, have enabled her to excel in fast-paced settings. Jyoti’s commitment to customer service excellence reflects the values instilled in her by her Western Sydney upbringing. 

“I am originally from India and have been living in Western Sydney for more than 16 years. I have been working in Hotel and Tourism industry for 12 years in Western Sydney.

The most beautiful thing about Western Sydney is its cultural diversity such as the festivals and  programs hosted by our local communities and councils are just amazing. Such as the programs like flavours of Blacktown, the Stardust Circus, and the Diwali Mela the (festival of lights), Holi the (festival of colours) and Easter celebrations and Christmas Light competition and Food festivals.

Basically, we are multicultural community, and that’s the most amazing part I love about western Sydney.” 

Collectively, Rafi Shaik, Robert Roth, and Jyoti Patel embody the spirit of Western Sydney—a region known for its diversity, resilience, and ambition.

Their achievements serve as a testament to the talent and dedication that thrive in this dynamic part of Australia, bringing homegrown passion and knowledge to their respective roles and inspiring others to reach for their own heights of success

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